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This is our presentation for students and schools with pre-existing knowledge and experience with drone technology.

Our presenter will first instruct the students in drone safety and human factors. Depending on the physical environment available at your school students can experience FPV (First Person View) flight from a drone, though our presenter will maintain control of the drone at all times. Students may also be able to pilot nano-drones themselves if the physical environment permits.

We will also present information regarding data gathering systems, and advanced drone technology. Student will be given an overview of what drones are being used for in industry today, and asked to imagine future applications for drone technology.

As in the basic program, this more advanced program is about giving students the experience of combining technological knowledge with imagination to drive engagement in STEM. As different schools use drones in different ways, we will tailor our program to fit your curriculum needs.


Either one or two sessions. (ie. Class periods).


$500 – $700 depending on the level of complexity, and the kinds of drones we need to deploy.


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