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Project Description

Protecting your assets and people from malicious drone operators is a growing and critical issue. Our Counter Drone Security course looks at the legal frameworks for counter-drone technology implementation, as well as providing a detailed overview of current counter-drone technologies, their efficacy and practicability.

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This is a one-day seminar course usually delivered for the management of organisations who are becoming aware of the potential threat of drones to their assets and people.

We draw on expertise from across the world (military, civilian, emergency services) to give you a solid grounding in the capabilities of leading counter-drone measures, and how to deploy them legally in your jurisdiction.

What is a drone?

  • An explanation of the system itself (I.e. the airframe and its capabilities, the control station, operator, any other launch and recovery site requirements. Obviously this depends on the UAS but is useful to orientate the audience and broaden their horizon beyond the ubiquitous quadcopter)
  • Threats posed by drones?
  • Privacy, civil aviation, remote hacking
  • Counter drone technology?
  • Kinetic (netting)
  • Non kinetic (GPS jamming, takeover software)
  • Or defenders vs detectors
  • Counter drone laws?
  • CASA directing anti-vigilantism
  • Surveillance
  • Cueing
  • Detectors
  • A generic system to enable augmenting security to integrate into a C/UAS system
  • Counter drone procedures
  • A layered system (detect ingress into prohibited airspace, warning to operator for loss of airframe, remove threat)
  • Drone area denial
  • How to achieve this in the urban area?
  • Rural area options?
  • The legalities of jammers and denying ingress within non-kinetic means
  • C/Drone CPP
  • A counter drone system such as) deployed with CPP personnel?
  • C/Drone Sec considerations?
  • Amount of personnel
  • Qualifications
  • Range
  • Threat analysis
While there are no formal entry requirements for this course please contact us to ensure it is the right course for your organisation.

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