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Project Description

Integrating drones with your operations provides amazing benefits in productivity and enhanced offerings. BUT you’ve got to do it right. Safety, compliance with legal obligations, and aviation requirements all need to be managed. This course provides knowledge about how to address the questions and challenges to maximise the opportunity, demonstrate duty of care and importantly execute the correct use of Drone technology safely into your organisation.

You do not need to be a pilot to do this course. This course is designed for people who will manage a workplace that includes drones, rather than necessarily for the pilots who operate the drones.

Apply Today
The course takes approximately one day and is usually provided as part of Phase 1 in an integration project. However, we are happy to provide the course stand-alone to organisations exploring the opportunities and challenges of integrating drone technology. The course includes a series of templates you can use to implement drone technology in your organisation.
  • What is a ‘Drone’?
  • The legal use of drones in Australia.
  • Accreditation and licensing (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operator’s Certificates/ Remote Pilot’s Licenses).
  • Standard Operating Conditions
  • Other Flight Approvals required
  • Operational models.
  • In-house
  • Outsourcing
  • Combined In-house & Outsourcing
  • Technical capabilities and limitations of drone technology.
  • Flight Logs/Pilot & Drone Management
  • Capabilities
  • Operational / Organisational implications of bringing aviation into the workplace, including privacy and data considerations.
While there are no formal entry requirements for this course please contact us to ensure it is the right course for your organisation.

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