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We provide tailored education in drone safety, technology and piloting. The aim is to create exciting school incursions that educate and inspire students to engage with a variety of STEM subject areas that intersect with drone technology.

Our team includes some of the world’s best drone pilots, engineers and educators including the team building the fastest and most technically advanced civil drones in the world.

Students can learn from three main areas: Safety of Flight, the Basic Principles and Mechanics of Flight, and how to pilot drones. However, the key to our success is working with your teacher/s to ensure our program aligns with your STEM needs.

Drone technology covers a whole range of STEM active learning areas.

Engineering, design, physics, mathematics, coding, mechanical and electrical knowledge all underpin the safe creation and flying of drones.

There really is no better or more exciting area for students to experience the practical application of STEM subjects than drone technology. As part of the The Institute For Drone Technology™ we are committed to fostering an interest in STEM subjects in student across the world.

Our course areas are:


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