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  • We have several landmark organisational clients, including Engage Marine, Macutex, and Aerodyne now in roll-out enterprise programs with drone (UAV) technology in their related industry sectors.

  • Our Advisory Panel (20 plus industry professionals across multiple industries) is unparalleled in terms of depth and scope of knowledge regarding unmanned vehicles. We have brought together Australia’s leading experts in drone technology including aerial, land, on-water and under-water technologies.

  • We provide training, technical advice and human resources services to Aerodyne, one of the world’s largest drone-as-a-service(DaaS)companies. www.aerodyne.co

  • We are a leading contributor to training in the drone industry and a silver member of the Australian Association for Unmanned Systems (the largest drone industry association in Australia).

  • Our partners also include software development organisations. This partnership allows the institute to provide complete Drone solutions to clients, ranging from basic capability provision, through to complex software integrated drone models.

  • In joint-venture partnership with Lardner Park Trust and Board we have created the Centre of Drone Excellence™ (CoDE™) at Lardner Park in West Gippsland. This is a world-class UAV training facility and laboratory with 300 acres of model farm and infrastructure assets along with the working ability to fly to 8,500 feet AGL.
    We are with major international UAV companies including Textron and Aerodyne, as well as the Australian Association for Unmanned Systems to develop the Centre into a global training, demonstration and experiment site.

  • We are a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) approved training provider for the Remote Pilot’s Licence. As of October 2017, we are the only training provider accredited with the new (June 2017) syllabus.

  • We are also a Registered Training Organisation (no. 45181) delivering education and training services under the Australian Skills Quality Authority with AVI3016 Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot – Visual Line of Sight) on scope.

  • In 2018 we will also be delivering the Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot – Visual Line of Sight) in several Secondary schools in Victoria.

  • We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Engineering Council of India in New Delhi on 10th of November. The All India Council for Technical Education is part of this consortium of over 4000 technical colleges with 3.8 million students. The alliance will see drone technology training delivered in both India and Australia.

  • We are part of a consortium of education providers and employers brought together to design drone technology training for specific skill sets in various industries, including infrastructure and asset inspection. The consortium includes RMIT, Bendigo Kangan TAFE, the Australian Association for Unmanned Systems, as well as employers including Macutex and Southern Cross Group. We have received government funding to look at ways of formalising innovative training programs in new technology areas to create jobs and improve productivity.

  • We are working with partners in New Zealand, Europe, India and the Philippines to implement offshore training programs to help other countries maximise the benefits of drone technology.

  • We have an ongoing training program within Glencore Mining for the training of their staff in the safe use of drone’s sub 2kg.


We are a globally focussed Institution with a firm foot print in South East Asia and the subcontinent and always seeking partners to assist in ensuring drone technology is implemented into industry safely and effectively. Key to this is the provision of high quality consultancy, education and training services.

Our consultancy services are primarily based on the provision of bespoke drone technology initiatives and capabilities to clients’ dependent on individual needs. This includes the integration of drone technology into supply chains and existing systems (where applicable) to ensure business core competency realisation.

The establishment of a series of research projects with the overall aim of achieving remote pilotage as a standard best practice in maritime environments. This will include the surrounding technological and procedural requirements to create “Smart Ports” in conjunction with a variety of port operators.

Assisting both maritime authorities and maritime service providers in the development of drone (UAV) capabilities aligned with the specific requirements encountered in the maritime theatre at a lower price point than currently available. This capability will also include assisting governments in the development of regulations and legislation to ensure safe and ecient drone (UAV) operations.

This includes modelling, planning and subsequent inspection of Navigation buoyage systems throughout the international maritime domain. This will also be expanded to include future port planning and modelling utilising drones. Development of software as a service (SAAS) will also be incorporated in future business models to allow seamless data entry into maritime modelling systems, allowing higher fidelity modelling more rapidly and at a lower cost point than previously achievable

This includes the use of UAV technology for maritime supply chain monitoring and improvement. This may take the form of drones being used as a means of logging, registering and monitoring inventory (RFID), including but not limited to large container laydowns, stockpile surveys and inventory loss mitigation.

This will be achieved through our alliance with a major global partner in the development of drone(UAV) integration into autonomous vessel programs. An expected flow on from this capability is bespoke engineering and construction of the drone(UAV) and supporting software.

This includes independent third-party testing, establishment of approved operational procedures and continued provision of third party advice to government and private bodies in relation to counter drone(CUAV) technology.

Including drone threats and CUAV systems and integration into existing security protocol and procedures. This may include aligning government regulation of UAV capture methods and radio spectrums for CUAV systems. This will also be conducted in consultation with our partners in smart city development allowing governments to future proof city infrastructure and security systems.

Education programs for existing security and constabulary forces to develop foundations of physical security and CUAV ideology. This can be developed in conjunction with the relevant government.

Assist with the development and construction/ procurement processes for the development of UAV organic to the parent country and integration of the ‘trusted’ system into existing logistic pathways and operational models.

This includes consultation with strategic partners in the development and utilisation of UAV programs in relation to parent country specific border/ territory control requirements.

This includes working with the commercial entities and government departments to assist with UAV procurement and integration.

Tailored instructional capabilities aligned with parent country procedures. This can be delivered by Australian Ex Service personnel who maintain high level security clearances and who can also undergo clearance assessment in parent countries.

This includes working with both government and private organisations to achieve best practice.

This involves integrating UAV systems into existing and future pollution control measures.

Integration of UAV assets into security control systems and cross compatibility in security data systems.

The creation and sustainment of a dedicated search and rescue capability to parent governments. This capability creation can range from basic domestic search operations to large scale remote areas search and rescue operations.

This includes advisory services in relation Drone (UAV) regulatory systems, capability programs and Drone (UAV) education in secondary and tertiary programs.


Training programs are an important step in communicating and raising awareness of the risk and management issues and company policies. It is essential that all elements of a drone integration management system are communicated to senior management, employees and third parties.The Institute for Drone Technology™ offers an extensive platform of training courses to equip clients and stakeholders with the ability to navigate the drone management processes

We provide the following training services:

  • AVI30316 Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot – Visual Line of Sight)

  • Flight Basics Course

  • Drone Safety for Managers

  • Remote Pilot Licence course

  • Industry focussed courses, for example, Agriculture, Maritime, Security, Construction

  • Counter Drone Security Course

All our courses are delivered using a combination of online, in-class, and practical training.

Flight Basics Course

This course covers the key areas of Hazards, Batteries & The Law and has been designed in collaboration with QBE insurance. The course is currently used by Glencore Mining as their sub 2kg drone training course for their employees.

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Drone Safety for Managers

This course teaches managers about how to safely and effectively implement drone technology into their organisations. While drone technology brings great benefits in safety and ‘bottom line’ value it is essential that any drone integration project is well managed to best capture the benefits in a safe way. This course consists of 1-day workshop. Trainees are given a complete ‘kit’ for the safe operation of drones. Charts other useful tools provided include:

  • Checklists

  • Risk Analysis

  • Emergency Planning

  • Pre-flight checklists

  • Pre-Start Briefing forms

  • Risk Assessment Considerations

  • Risk Register

  • Flight Planning

  • Flight Authorisation Forms

  • Recommended Apps

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Counter Drone Security Course

Counter Drone Security Course provides comprehensive on-site analysis, helpful drone security training, and comprehensive counter-drone solution architecture to keep prisons safe.

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Also, we can create Industry focussed courses, for example, Agriculture, Maritime, Security, Construction

We are creating courses in several key industry areas which we are happy to discuss on a needs basis.

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